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Providing low cost peace of mind to the home & small business with a professional & personal service. 

Rick of Eastern Hills Computer Repairs has been supporting the Hills community in Western Australia since 2017.


 TCPCS is TeamCave Personal Computer Services. TeamCave is really the main part of the name. My wife and I had used this for many years before TCPCS. This was our motorcycle race team name TeamCave, made sense to incorporate this as the name was already out there.

Established in 2017 with the aim of providing premium support to residential homes and small business in and around the hills. Having spoken to many residents and business owners it seems that good old fashioned service has all but disappeared within the IT sector.

Many IT outfits are only interested in chasing the ‘Big Buck’ and are not interested in the ‘small people’. This is where TCPCS came in.

Short Snap Shot

My experience in the field spans over 35 years starting with the armed forces reaching the rank of technical sergeant class I. Specialist support roles in the mobile telephony company Orange.  IT Manager in Fugro Airborne surveys

Various engagements include system checks on the ship that was searching for MH 371. Auditing the PMH prior to it’s closure liaising with the multitude of charities there. Motorcycle postie, installing and building computers and cable structures in the Aldi WA headquarters in Jandakot.

I have also carried out installs and various other tasks in the Pilbara with Diverse Group Australia

My areas of expertise are varied and vast over many years employed in Telecommunication and Information Technology roles.

I don’t believe in being pushy and definately not rude. I respect you and your equipment, I am very easily to get on with and time permitting love nothing more than a chat. This is more than just a job to me. This a form of socialising and getting to know my neighbours in the hills. I will go the ‘extra’ mile to get the job done or provide a solution that you are happy with.

I love supporting and meeting people, plus working in the most diverse and challenging of environments

 Eastern Hills Computer Repairs

Whilst TCPCS has served me well, helping me to reach where I expected to be now, four years later! It was apparent that the business had to realign itself with the change in trends, epectations and trust of it’s current and future customers. The new business name reflects part of this.


Rick Cave Owner - Pricipal Engineer
 Eastern Hills Computer Repairs

All the social media tools are currently being designed and setup for this new and exciting change. Not one for waiting until all is in place this will be a live refresh of everything. If you spot anything that could be improved please let me know by sending me an email please rick@ehcr.com.au This would help me enormously in the build of this business to firmly plant itself in the hills. Some new areas I am ‘throwing around’ is training? I have performed this in the past. Maybe video chat type training during the COVID era?

My aim this year is to grow the business gaining the trust and custom of people requiring either instant help or a monthly regular service to ensure their IT systems are running at optimum performance and minimal downtime.

*6083 (25km) Gidgegannup 
6056 (7km)   Swan View
6073 (10km) Mundaring
6081 (9km)   Parkerville
6076 (18km) Kalamunda
6057 (15km) High Wycombe
6056 (9km)   Midland
6070 (5km)   Darlington
6072 (7km)   Mahogany Creek
6082 (16km) Mount Helena
6071 (10km) Hovea
6056 (10km) Jane Brook
6056 (6km)  Boya
6081 (12km) Stoneville
6074 (16km) Sawyers Valley
6056 (5km)  Greenmount
6556 (22km) Chidlow
6057 (15km) Maida Vale
6071 Glen Forrest
6056 (11km) Helena Valley
6055 (11km) Bushmead
6056 (11km) Middle Swan
6056 (13km) Red Hill
6056 (11km) Helena Valley
Please note that the km’s are for guide only as some callout locations are less or more depending on their location within the suburb. The callout will be charged accordingly. *Gidgegannup may exceed the 25kms, the callout charge will be $40


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